The Mission of Casa de la Familia is to address the mental health needs of individuals of all ages who have suffered a psychological trauma in a culturally relevant manner with dignity, compassion and mutual respect. The focus of the psychological treatment, education, and outreach we provide is to the under-served and most marginalized minority populations.
Are you a Victim of Crime?
Assistance to Victims of a Crime

CASA DE LA FAMILIA is dedicated to helping both the victims and families of those who have sustained emotional injury as a result of a crime.

CASA DE LA FAMILIA offers other services in addition to individual and family psychological care, to include crisis intervention, psychometric assessment, and evaluations at a low cost, and support groups at no cost.

Services are available in both the Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Home visits may be provided.

Who is Eligible?

The Victims of Crime Program determines each individual's eligibility for benefits on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals' that the Victim Compensation Program may consider eligible include the following:

  • Victims of a crime suffering from emotional injury or surviving family members of homicide victims.
  • Someone present during a crime who has a close relationship with the victim.

Casa de la Familia offers psychological counseling and/or psychiatric treatment to victims and their families to help them cope with the trauma of being either a victim or a witness of a crime.

Helpful Resources

Recommended Links

Casa de Esperanza

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Orange County Rape Crisis Center

Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Community Guide

International Network Combating Human Trafficking

Support forum for Children of Affairs

Important Phone Numbers

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-HIT-HOME

Suicide Hotline 714) 639 4673

Cocaine Anon 949) 650 1011

Heroin Hotline 800) 9 HEROIN

AIDS Hotline 800) 922 AIDS

Gay and Lesbian Info: 714) 534 0862

Suicide Hotline: 714) 639 4673

Rape Hotline: 714) 957 2737

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Children of Infidelity: Survey

Dr. Ana Nogales is conducting a confidential survey to evaluate the effects of parental infidelity on adult children. If either (or both) of your parents was ever unfaithful, she invites you to participate in this study by answering a list of questions. Otherwise, please disregard this invitation or email it to someone else whose parent(s) may have been unfaithful. The results of this survey were already published in her book "Parents Who Cheat: How Infidelity Affects Children and Adults”. However, she keeps collecting more data for further discussion.

If you someone that may be interested in participating please share this survey with them.

Survey In English

Encuesta en español

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