Support and Therapy Groups

Love Without Violence

CDLF offers both ten-week and ongoing support groups for victims of domestic violence that transpire at our headquarters in several locations. This is a no-charge womens support group; spanish speaking groups are also available.

Parenting Groups

CDLF’s parent education curriculum supports positive parenting practices that teach parents ways to foster a healthy environment that will facilitate their children’s socio-emotional and cognitive development. While all families can benefit from the curriculum, this promising program was designed with the intent of being used primarily within underserved minority populations. Parenting groups are available in several locations for a $25 charge. 

Anger Management

Anger management groups are available for a $25 charge in several locations

Sexual Assault Groups

CDLF offers a ten week support group for victims of sexual assault that transpire at the Mexican Consulate, located in Santa Ana. The Mexican Consulate sponsors individuals to attend this group at not charge. Please contact our offices for more information, as pre-registration is required. 


Love Without Violence

Support groups for women who are victims of domestic abuse. Entrance is free, and is available in both english and spanish. 

Parenting Classes

Court ordered parenting classes are available with a $25 entrance fee per group.

Anger Management

Anger Management Groups are available with a $25 entrance fee per group, available in multiple locations.


Below you will find upcoming groups. Please note possible fees and reservations needed for certain groups.

No upcoming events.