General Requirements for Employment/Volunteer Opportunities

Applicants should:

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check An individual with a background check that indicates any of the following is not eligible for placement.
    • Violent Crimes
    • Crimes involving theft
    • Sex Crimes
    • Drug Related Crimes
  • Applicants must be Bilingual Applicants should be bilingual in order to serve our diverse population of patients in their native tongue. Languages in demand for therapists typically include:
    • Spanish***
    • ASL
    • Korean
    • Vietnamese
  • Minimum Commitment Requirements We ask that all students commit to at least one year of practicum placement with Casa de la Familia. This minimum commitment of a student allows patients the ability to receive treatment without being discharged or transferred subject to the student’s schedule.
    • This is an at-will training relationship, which can be resigned by the student or Casa de la Familia at any time.
      • Should a student resign prematurely, they are expected to give written notice at least thirty (30) days before their resignation effective date to human resources. Additionally, students are required to communicate with their clinical supervisor and their designated case managers in order transfer their caseload without posing a threat to the patient’s treatment. Written notice  When possible, we prefer students to continue seeing their current caseload with Casa de la Familia until their appropriate discharge. 
      • Casa de la Familia also holds the right to suspend or terminate the relationship at any time, including, but not limited to: inability to meet professionalism standards, minimum caseload requirements, supervision requirements or additional standards outlined in the Casa de la Familia handbook, in addition to clinical ethical violations and competency concerns.
  • Minimum Caseload Requirements
    • Students are required to have a minimum caseload of fifteen (15) patients. This requires students to have 10-15 weekly hours dedicated to Casa de la Familia patients, supervision and trainings.
  • Academic Requirements
    • All practicum students must be in the process of completing a masters degree in accredited school program including, but not limited to: MFT, PCC, ASW
    • Practicum students must be actively enrolled in a practicum-related course at their school when beginning their training with Casa de la Familia.
    • A completed and signed four way agreement is required between the school, the student, the clinical supervisor and Casa de la Familia prior to commencing practicum.
  • Training
    • All students must complete an orientation and paperwork training prior to performing clinical work.