A crime can have severe effects on a victim. Weeks, even months after the event, a victim may be still experiencing emotional problems, which can lead to feelings of guilt, frustration, and anger. Casa de la Familia is dedicated to help those victims, as well as their families, who have suffered an emotional injury as a result of a crime. If you are a victim of crime, or a family member of a victim, you may be eligible to receive counseling at Casa de la Familia through the California Victims Compensation Program(CalVCP). Casa de la Familia also offers low cost services for those not eligible to receive benefits through the CalVCP program.

Casa de la Familia offers individual, family, group psychotherapy and support groups for victims of crime. Our on staff case management team works closely with victims' advocates and mental health providers to ensure that victims are aware and are able to take advantage of the services they might qualify for through the CalVCP program, as well as programs within the community. Services are available in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Additionally, home visits from our on staff mental health providers may be provided.

About the Victims Compensation Program

Mental health counseling may be covered under the California Victims of Crime Program, if you qualify. The program determines individual eligibility for benefits on a case by case basis. Individuals that the board may consider eligible include the following:

Victims of DUI, hit and run, or reckless driving that resulted in vehicular manslaughter.
Victims of a crime suffering from emotional injury as a result of a crime
Immediate victims or surviving family members of homicide victims.
Someone who was present during the crime and had a close relationship with the victim.

There must be a filed police report (within a year of the crime).
The individual cannot be a participant to the crime.
The individual cannot be on formal probation.
The individual must cooperate with authorities.

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